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December 13, 2022 - General News, Grants - Posted by

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For friends, families, and communities, December is full of spirit, gift-giving, and reflection. The same is true for the Women’s Foundation. 

We’re taking time this month to reflect on the year’s progress and rejoice at the support we’ve received to make a game-changing impact for Mississippi’s women and girls. And while we’re proud of the progress we’ve made, there is still more work to be done to ensure all Mississippi women and girls have the tools they need to thrive. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about how your support has helped us improve outcomes for Mississippi women—and why now is the perfect time to give.

What Your Support Does

Your contributions help power our grantmaking, signature programming, and so much more. This year, we’ve been able to support Mississippi women and girls in new ways. 

One way is by creating more opportunities to provide two-generational support through our grantmaking. 

We’ve discussed the two-generation approach in a previous article, but it’s worth noting that it continues to be a vital area of need for Mississippi women of all backgrounds. Women like Teagan, a student at Itawamba Community College who’s working to complete her nursing degree in order to provide a better quality of life for her child. 

Teagan’s Story

“I’ve supported myself since I was 17. Now, as I approach the intense final months of my schooling, I find myself stretching every penny to meet the needs for me and my child. The support provided by the Women’s Foundation has bought me a month to get ahead by paying for my child’s daycare and covering my rent expenses.” 

“The grant has given me the time to fully dedicate myself to my studies and continue to be successful as the semester increases in intensity. With the experience I’ve gained working as a night shift nurse’s assistant and the credentials I’ve earned in school, I feel empowered knowing that I’ll be able to provide for me and my child’s future.”

Your support has also enabled us to develop new original programming to broaden our efforts to improve outcomes for women. As we’ve resumed more in-person events, we’ve had the opportunity to develop programs focused on building leadership and increasing the number of women who participate in public policy or nonprofit board service. 

We launched a new program, Mississippi Women in the Lead (MWL), in collaboration with our partners One Voice Mississippi and Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable. MWL is a free leadership program that prepares Mississippi women to run for elected office and become effective public policy advocates. Participants become “fellows,” and gain access to workshops, exclusive panel discussions, networking opportunities, and guided discussions on a variety of approaches to public policy.

We were also able to bring together nonprofit leaders and experts for the first She’s on Board training since 2020. Your support helped us deepen our partnership with the Junior League of Jackson, and allowed us to provide a hybrid experience for women interested in nonprofit board service for the very first time. 

Why Now is the Time to Give

Nonprofits generate between 17% and 22% of their yearly funding during end-of-year giving. That means that this month lays the foundation for what we can accomplish in 2023–from grantmaking to programming to building support for two generations of Mississippi women. 

Moreover, doing good feels good. And you can trust that the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi has a track record of being an effective steward of funds, to make your donation count where it’s needed most.

Ways You Can Give

There are a few ways you can participate in end-of-year giving. 

One way is by joining our Giving Circle. Not only does being a Giving Circle member connect you to a community of game-changing women, it also gives you the opportunity to expand the power of your investment and get insider information on how your support is helping Mississippi women. 

If you’re already a Giving Circle member (thank you for your support!), then consider stretching your contribution to the next level. You can also invite a friend to join Giving Circle with you! 

You can also reserve a spot for one of our upcoming events. We’re kicking off 2023 with our brand-new Visionaries event, featuring a dynamic conversation between Mississippi’s own Angie Thomas and Rita Brent. Get tickets here!

We’ll also have a lineup of Consider This discussions and new opportunities to attend our signature programs like Thrive@Work and She’s on Board.

We’ve also got merch options you can browse, purchase, and gift to a game-changing woman in your life (it’s a win-win!). 

Another option is through donating. Here are a few amounts to consider: 

The best part of donating to the Women’s Foundation is that our time-tested approaches to grantmaking ensure that your support is directed where it will have the greatest impact for Mississippi’s women and girls. 

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