She’s On Board 2.0 is a Must for Women Leaders Everywhere

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Serving on a nonprofit board can act as the catalyst for real change for women and girls in Mississippi. With more women at the table, boards are better positioned to accurately address the issues affecting their communities.

Here’s where She’s on Board 2.0 comes in–and why it should be your top priority in April.

Sharpen Your Skills

She’s on Board 2.0 takes nonprofit board leadership skills to the next level. Where She’s on Board aims to demystify the procedures involved in board service, 2.0 goes into depth about how to navigate situations, make decisions, and take the lead on how to move objectives forward.

Attending 2.0 not only connects you to the program itself, but also a welcoming environment, surrounded by other game-changing women, where learning and discussion are expected and encouraged. You’re safe to ask questions, talk to the speakers, and grow as a leader!

Fun fact: Giving Circle members can attend for FREE. The only thing that could make the experience better would be bringing a friend to share it with!

Representation, Representation, Representation

Diversity and representation are becoming increasingly valued in the nonprofit space. Findings from a 2021 BoardSource survey, which evaluated data from nearly 2,000 individual responses, found that only 38 percent of executives felt that their boards represented the communities they served, and 66 percent expressed dissatisfaction with their board’s racial and ethnic diversity.

Most of the boards surveyed had majority white membership–with 87 percent of chief executives and 83 percent of board chairs identifying as such. In places like Hinds County, where 44 percent of residents are non-white, diversifying nonprofit boards would create a great opportunity for women of color to share their voice, experiences, and direct decisions that would improve conditions for communities of color.

Expand Your Network (and Have Fun)

After the training, there will be a wine and cheese reception in the courtyard at the Junior League of Jackson headquarters. Perfect time to unwind, meet the speakers, mingle with fellow attendees, and ask questions about board service to continue your journey! You can also share feedback with us on what you enjoyed and what skills really helped you gain confidence. We’re always looking for ways to improve our training programs.

Inspire Continued Women Leadership

Inspired women, inspire women! Not only does 2.0 help you continue your journey into nonprofit board service, but it may also inspire another person to start theirs. Leadership has a ripple effect. Every woman added to nonprofit boards reinforces the power of women’s leadership and supports future progress made for Mississippi’s women and girls.

Get on Board

She’s on Board 2.0 will take place on April 5, 2024 at the Junior League of Jackson Headquarters. Click here to reserve your spot! Tickets available for purchase until April 3rd.

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