Mississippi Women in the Lead

Run for elected office and become an effective public policy advocate.

The Mississippi Women in the Lead program, co-sponsored by The Women’s Foundation of
Mississippi’s Women’s Policy Institute, the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable’s Black
Women’s Leadership Institute, and One Voice of Mississippi’s Mississippi Black Leadership
Institute, is a leadership program designed to help Mississippi women navigate the challenges of
running for elected office and prepare them to become effective public policy advocates. The
program will help participants become well-equipped to run for elected office and champion
progressive and equitable public policies that impact the lives of women and most vulnerable
populations in our state. By bringing individuals who may experience gender and/or race-based
discrimination into the policy process, MWL will support leaders who will advance a policy
agenda that is responsive to the needs of Mississippi’s women, girls, and vulnerable populations.

The 2022 application window has now closed.

Who is Eligible?

Program Details and Structure

The program will begin with a two day in-person kick-off retreat, followed by:
• A series of retreats and webinars to cover topics related to running for office and policy advocacy; and
• Group activities and workshops to increase learning about elections and policy work in Mississippi (in-person and online).

NOTE: MWL will continue to monitor COVID restrictions and case numbers. Program
activities may shift to virtual rather than in-person. In addition, participants may also be required
to follow protocols including, but not limited to, wearing a mask for the duration of the training
and practicing social distancing.

Program Dates

Cost to Participate

Please review the full Application Packet for Participant Selection Criteria and Applicant Requirements.

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