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December 7, 2023 - General News - Posted by

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This year has seen great progress for Mississippi’s women and girls. From new in-person events to change-making grantees, your support has helped us pave the way for better opportunities for women and their families across the state. Learn more about how your support has helped us improve outcomes for Mississippi women—and why now is the perfect time to give.

What Your Support Does

Your contributions help power our grantmaking, signature programming, and so much more! 2023 included some big “firsts” for the Women’s Foundation, including the launch of our new signature gala, Visionaries. Our corporate event, Thrive @ Work, made its in-person return, connecting business leaders with industry experts.

Likewise, our grantees have really helped create new opportunities for Mississippi women and their families, some by utilizing two-generational support, like the programs provided at Meridian Community College. 

What Grantee Support Looks Like

In Mississippi, many students are forced to choose between work and pursuing their education careers. This choice only adds to the obstacles students face, such as the reported 39% food insecurity experienced by college students. 

Powered by grants from the Women’s Foundation, Meridian Community College offered a suite of programs this year to help students complete their degree programs. This support included:

This programming ensured that students could continue to focus on their educational goals while easing financial burden. Graduates, in turn, create generational hope and change for their families, that pours into our greater community and lifts up the entire state. As we like to say, when women thrive, Mississippi thrives!

Ways You Can Give

There are many ways you can participate in end-of-year giving and help us go further in 2024! 

One way is by joining our Giving Circle. Not only does being a Giving Circle member connect you to a community of game-changing women, it also gives you the opportunity to expand the power of your investment and get insider information on how your support is helping Mississippi women. 

If you’re already a Giving Circle member (thank you for your support!), then consider stretching your contribution to the next level. You can also invite a friend to join the Giving Circle with you! 

Reserve a spot for one of our upcoming events, and level up your networking and industry knowledge with a full slate of unique programming in 2024. 

We’ll have a lineup of Consider This discussions and new opportunities to attend our signature programs like Thrive@Work and She’s on Board.

We’ve also got merch options you can browse, purchase, and gift to a game-changing woman in your life (it’s a win-win!). 

Another option is through donating. Here are a few amounts to consider: 

The best part of donating to the Women’s Foundation is that our time-tested approaches to grantmaking ensure that your support is directed where it will have the greatest impact for Mississippi’s women and girls. 

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