A Sneak Peek into this Year’s Thrive @ Work! 

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With experts speaking on emerging AI, the impact of women’s economic success, and the link between retention and accessible childcare, this year’s Thrive @ Work is shaping up to be a great event! Get a sneak peek of the afternoon’s discussion in this Q&A. 

Whitney Jackson bio

Should Mississippi businesses be concerned about the rise of AI?

Jackson: Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly common part of the hiring process. But many businesses are unaware that this technology comes with biases that may put them at legal risk. 

What are some things participants can take away from your presentation?

Jackson: Companies looking to add AI programs to their hiring process, can expect to learn what to look out for to ensure their process is fair, equitable, and contributes to a diverse workplace. They’ll also learn the different ways AI is being used, beyond the algorithm,  to attract new talent!

Natella Boulton bio

It’s a fact that economic security for women is a good thing. How can businesses help?

Boulton: Ensuring that women are thriving in their respective fields ensures that our state as a whole continues to grow and prosper. Businesses are in the unique position to make sure their employees have the tools they need to go for advanced careers or get the education they need to step into a higher earning position. They can create an environment where being a self-starter is rewarded.   

What are some things participants can take away from your presentation?

Boulton: The progression toward economic security and positive results from businesses when they help their employees through that process. It’s empowering for everyone! 

Biz Harris bio

How does childcare access impact business? 

Harris: There is a growing awareness of the links among access to childcare, parental employment, and overall economic growth. Businesses rely on employees, and employees rely on childcare. When problems with childcare arise, parents must scramble to find alternative options—or miss work to care for their children.

What are some things participants can take away from your presentation?

Harris: Businesses will learn practical ways to support their employees with children and see the measurable impact–like increased employee retention and recruitment–family-friendly policies can have.

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